Behind the Scenes with the London Lucumi Choir

Twelve Years of The London Lucumi Choir


The London Lucumi Choir, directed by Daniela Rosselson, celebrates its 12 year anniversary.  The choir and was originally conceived  and co-created by Daniela  together with percussionist Dave Pattman and singer Martha Galarraga of the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba in late 2006. I started singing with the choir shortly after its inception  – I know that my first gig was in March 2007.  Here are a selection of photographs I’ve taken over this period featuring present and former choir members and collaborators. Rather that being an official document, this is a personal record, including everything from portraits to random fashion moments. Although I’m in the process of whittling down the amount of photos in my archive, I’ve decided to include quite a few in this project so as to convey an eclectic, behind the scenes patchwork quilt, honouring my experience with the choir.

Click on each photo for a brief description.