Originally an art historian, Mish Aminoff went on to study photography at the University of Westminster. She taught interdisciplinary cultural studies at the Open University and then focussed on teaching film studies in adult education. Mish now concentrates on her photography and artwork and publishes a regular photography blog. She is from London and lives in Kentish Town, featured in two ongoing projects – Changing Views and Persian Kentish Town, inspired by her heritage. Mish is also a musician and, over the years, has photographed singers and percussionists from London’s Afro Cuban Music scene.

Her eye is influenced by her interest in art history and visual culture, producing images reminiscent of found abstracts in her everyday wanderings. She is interested in revealing traces of human activity and the ideas of transience and memory in the city.

Mish has exhibited internationally; shows include Unexposed Collectives’s Wall of Women at the Ballarat Biennale, 2023. She was a finalist in the Women Street Photographers exhibition in Paris and in Fragmented Identities, at The Borders Art Fair in Venice, Italy (July-August 2021).