Dance Me To Death

Here are a few photographs from the one-off dance performance of Dance Me to Death, at London’s Kensal Green Cemetery. The project was organised by author and poet Rouse Rouse, founder of The Advantages of Age. All the performers were over the age of 60 and the piece was choreographed by Rhys Dennis and Waddah Sinada aka Fubunation. The accompanying musicians were cello player, Fran Loze and multi-instrumentalist Mark Fisher.

One of the aims of the performance was to defy stereotypes about age in line with the founding ethos of AofA. The ten non-professional dancers confronted death and dying through dance. The performance was not just a physical dance but involved weekly workshops excavating emotions around death. I know this as I had seriously considered joining the group but realised I couldn’t commit the hours.


Advantages of Age –

Fubunation –

The gallery includes images from the performance as well as a few shots of the stylish spectators. Click on the thumbnails for full size images.