A Year of Changing Views

Back in mid October 2016 I started to regularly photograph the view out my kitchen window. Last year, when the project was 5 years old I thought that I could think of it as complete – after all, 5 is half a decade! However, despite this attempt at closure I still found myself inspired to catch those fleeting moments; grabbing my camera and sticking my head out the window on numerous occasions throughout the past year.

Here are some of my favourites dating from November 2021 through to mid October 2022.

3 November 2021 – afternoon light and an ambulance

12 December 2021 – golden light

Foggy December – another take on White Christmas? 19/12/21

Looks pretty but these are dangerously high levels of pollution- 14 January 2022

1 February 2022 – Red Sunset

View with retro-looking train, 24 Februrary 2022

Fleeting blossoms and cars, 29 March 2022

21 April: Back to Back, Back to Black

Pride Rainbow – 30 June 2022

Purple Haze, 13 July 2022

Drought, Thunder and Torrential rain: 17 August 2022

18 September 2022: Dramatic Sunset & minuscule tribute to the late Queen at the top of BT Tower

Red October – 6 year Anniversary of Changing Views

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