Abstracts and Urban Illusions in Covid Times

I’ve gathered some photographs I’ve taken in the last few months that contain qualities of abstraction or illusion, or both.

I try and keep an open mind when I wander the streets with my camera and shoot whatever sparks my interest. In terms of abstracts and illusions they may of may not directly reference the Coronavirus pandemic. However these photographs were all taken during the easing of lockdown, and are an extension of my series of blogs on London in Lockdown, published in May and June of this year.

The next images all reference social distancing – one of the safety measures against Covid-19.

Below – seating at a London Underground Stations has been taped over. To me the combination of tape and tiles suggests a geometric pop art abstract:

View from a bus near Baker Street:

Socially distanced sinks at the Ladies Toilets in The National Gallery, September 2020:

Abstracts featuring PPE – disposable gloves, masks and face shields

Street abstract with disposable glove, double yellow lines and blossom:

Found disposable glove which also reminded me of a protective amulet or Hamsa:

Street Abstract with surgical mask:

Mannequin with face shield and reflections:

Back to work – masked mannequins in suits with reflected streets;

Oxford Street – Polythene wrapped suit in a still-closed store and reflected passers by:

A covid abstract, to me a bit reminiscent of Magritte in terms of colour. Detail of a mask vending machine with surreal reflection in London’s Soho:

Next are some abstracts and illusions that I’ve photographed in recent weeks that I like and don’t specifically reference the pandemic. They may inadvertently and obliquely do so; depending on the time of day and the weather, central London streets are still often quieter than they were before coronavirus. Some shop windows are still eerily empty.

Lenticular winking image and reflected lanterns, Chinatown:

Tendrils and reflected trees, Shaftesbury Avenue:

Naked mannequin and reflected facades, Notting Hill:

Abstract with reflective metallic mannequin heads:

Illusions in Regent Street:

Soho street abstract with reflected facades:

And a colourful street abstract on a rainy day, Monmouth Street:

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