Afro Cuban Music Night

Bombo Productions runs a monthly Afro Cuban Music Night in Dalston, usually on the first Monday or Tuesday of the month. Last week’s session was graced by the presence of the incredible Cuban-born singer Martha Gallaraga, known to many simply as Martica. I don’t normally take photos at these sessions as I tend to sing and dance, plus the lighting is extremely low. This time I was asked very nicely if I would take some images, so I thought I’d try. And I still managed to sing and even dance a bit of rumba …

Here are a few of my favourite ones from that session:



Below: Gerardo De Armas singing with Martica, also seen reflected in the mirror.



I like this painterly portrait of musician Barak Schmool, clapping clave 





Below is an example of  more experimental image; there is movement but you can still make out Martica.  I particularly like the movement on the shekere percussion instrument on the left. Wilmer Sifontes can be seen playing the other shekere. Plus there’s also a bit of a selfie going on as I’m just detectable reflected in the mirror!


Dave Pattman and Vickey Jassey on bata drums



Martica being cheeky!



The Afro Cuban Music Night is currently held at Tipsy, downstairs from Escudo de Cuba, 20 Stoke Newington Rd, London N16 7XN


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