Layers Of Time in New Orleans

I was in New Orleans over the new year. Standing on a sidewalk watching a brass band parade, I noticed a weathered telegraph pole and was struck by the multitude of staples combined with fragments of former flyers and posters, embellished with graffiti:



The next image was taken in a different location and doesn’t have the same density of staples but I like the blue background. ¬†As a ‘found’ abstract, the blue for me invokes former works of art, from Yves Klein’s ultramarine canvasses to Matisse’s blue cut-out collages.

I also realised it resonated for another reason, and that it reminded me of the main noticeboard in my former kitchen, which I’d used as a kind of scrapbook/memento area. I photographed it back in 2014 before decluttering and moving home:

You can see more images related to the theme of LAYERS OF TIME in the portfolio section of this website.