Leafy Walls and Abstract Photography

Yesterday was a glorious autumnal day in London and I decided to walk through Hampstead Heath and then get the tube from Belsize Park. On my way to the station I saw a red fringed throw hanging out a window, reminiscent of red flag on May Day. The throw was framed by green ivy which totally covered the building facades. The sky was a deep, bright blue, sliced diagonally by a construction crane:

Last week I was in Bologna, Italy and took the photograph below of the old city wall and fiery-leaved autumn tree whilst walking on my way to the train station:  In addition to the vibrant colours I like the geometry of the image; the square block of wall (which itself is made of long flat rectangles), the top third covered in creeping foliage and the red semi-circle of the tree which is surrounded by an arch of blue sky:

From Bologna we took the train to Venice. Here are a few abstract wall shots I photographed on recent visits to Venice. Firstly – leafy shadows and a peeling terracotta wall undergoing maintenance:

Decorative mosaic (I like the red hair, tall hat & turquoise sandals) and stunning roof tiles at this curved pavilion teeming with life and colour at the Venice Biennale:

Striped autumnal wall at the Giardini della Biennale:

A view featuring Venetian terracotta roof tiles and a horizontal strip of ivy wall taken in the Dorsoduro area:

I consider Venice to be a second home, but here’s an image taken near my actual home. It’s from my project entitled Persian Kentish Town:



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