Monochromatic days taken in colour

I haven’t seen much of the sun these last few days in London. This week I went to the Tate Modern to immerse myself in some of Modigliani’s deep, richly coloured oil paintings which were a well-needed contrast to the quasi-monochromatic tone of the day. ┬áBefore I entered the gallery I caught a welcome splash of colour from some balloons caught up a tree – they were a bit wrinkly and had probably been there since New Year’s Eve!


One isn’t allowed to photograph in the Modigliani exhibition but here’s one I took in The Turbine Hall which currently has a pendulum installation and a colourful, stripey carpet. I liked the way this couple were lying down on the carpet holding hands; I found it quite romantic:


This was a view of The Shard that day:


I was reminded of another foggy day – this time heavy with rain – in Osaka, Japan, back in November 2015. The photograph looks black and white but was actually taken in colour:




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