Motivational Graffiti and Rosh Hashana

This evening heralds the start of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana.

As Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman writes in the Jerusalem Post: Rosh Hashana is an opportunity for change. It is “not just the beginning of the Hebrew Calendar; it is also the symbol for renewal. This is when we begin to scrutinise ourselves and determine how we want to improve ourselves.” Rosh Hashana tends to occur in September, the date varies as the Hebrew calendar is lunar. I still get a ‘back to school’ feeling in September and the combination of the two events leads to some personal work, reflection and resolutions.

I’ve gathered together a few of my photographs featuring graffiti and street art tap into some of the themes and aspirations I have around this time of year:

Personal change – a quote from symbolist poet Paul Valery employed in this piece of street art seen in Paris, 2012, roughly translated as “Beautiful sky, true sky, look at me who is changing”

Next an encouraging motivational boost complete with affectionate kisses, seen in New York in 2016:

I prefer this more thought-provoking approach to making one’s own happiness – from the BE MIGHTY inspirational street art project by Terrence Kelleman:

Presumably whilst doing all this work it’s also a good idea to protect oneself. Here are a couple of reminders – this is part of a project by Uncutt Art seen across pavements in New York:

Seen in Brooklyn – Protect Your Magic – which I believe is a movement started by Fadia Kader:

On my most recent visit to New York I got a little pat on the back whist looking down at the road surface whist crossing the street:

For Rosh Hashanah this evening I’m preparing a bit of a feast.  On the menu are symbolic dishes representing abundance and fertility. Ingredients include pomegranates, pulses and fish. This next photograph is a house sign seen  in LA – not officially graffiti but hand drawn nevertheless:

Rosh Hashana to me also heralds autumn as well as a new year. I always used to hate the end of summer but am now much better at going with the flow. There was a song regularly sung at the autumn assembly at my kids’ primary school that I used to find lyrically so depressing; “Here comes autumn bringing the wind and rain; summer has gone for another year…” This example of New York street art combines positivity with a lone autumnal leaf. Have a beautiful day – and let’s embrace change.


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