Never Stand Up When You Can Sit Down & Never Sit Down When You Can Lie Down – Images of Rest & Relaxation

I remember reading that Winston Churchill’s advice for success included economy of effort. Never stand up when you can sit down, and never sit down when you can lie down.

I was reminded of this again recently when I was on holiday in Palma, Mallorca. It was a very hot August and in addition to relaxing in obvious places like the public beach I regularly came across people reclining in more urban spaces:

Resting, Palma City Beach, 2023

Below, a few shots of people resting up in the city centre:

Feet up on Passeig Del Born

Reclining in Palma

Resting up in Palma

Shortly after returning to the UK the choir I sing with, The London Lucumi Choir, had a gig at the Shambala Festival near Northampton. We were closing the festival, and as the last act we were due to perform at 1am. Here’s a night shot of choir director Daniela catching a moment of restorative relaxation in the hire car in anticipation of our performance:

I’ve gathered a collection of photographs taken in the past year showing rest, relaxation and sleep. The majority of the images were shot in a public, urban space.

A Bit of Shut Eye, Spitalfields, 2023

Coffee break during London Heatwave, Soho, 2023

Backstage break, Leicester Square

Next, more representations featuring sleeping, reclining and relaxing in various London locations. The following images to me all have an element of the surreal:

Dreaming in Chelsea

Looking Up, Outernet, Charing Cross Road

Man in a waste bin, Parkway, Camden

Another angle of the Man in the Bin

Reclining Dolls in Tufnell Park

Below, two different shots of people with their feet up in Coal Drop’s Yard in Kings Cross:

Feet Up, Coal Drops Yard

Creativity & Embroidery – I think his name was Raf

The following images were taken a couple of days before the Coronation of King Charles in May 2023 and feature members of the public resting and waiting by The Mall and St. James’s Park:

Resting in St.Jjames’s Park, May 2023

Feet Up Waiting for the Coronation, May 2023

Finally couple of photographs shot on London Underground:

Deep Sleep on the Tube, 2022

Three Dreamers, 2023

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