Old Family Photographs – posing with vintage cars and other wheels

I’ve gathered together some old family photographs that all, with the exception of the final image, predate my birth. In these photographs the cars and other forms of transport are integral to the photograph, they are not just part of the background. My parents and relatives wanted these objects to feature and be recorded.

The photograph below is dated 13 August 1950 on the back and was taken in London’s Stamford Hill outside my grandparents’ house. There is some more text which I cannot read; I believe it is in Farsi. My grandparents stand on the left against the fence. I’m intrigued by my Bibi’s (farsi for grandmother) hat – it seems very elaborate and flamboyant and my memories of her was that her style when I knew her was more austere and modest. This must have been a special occasion.

I like the fact that in this next photo the shot was taken from above, presumably from a window. I imagine my father may have taken this photo and been a bit experimental with the angle.


Next up are some more photographs of relatives and cars. Below, my dad’s handsome cousin, Haji-Ben from Milan is perched on the bumper. Parking was obviously not an issue in London in at the time!

Below, my father’s older brother Matt looking very dapper at their home in Stamford Hill.

The next two photos show the camaraderie amongst the Aminoff cousins – I feel like saying lads. I believe the guy on the left is my father’s cousin Amin Amini aka Amin Agha; I don’t know currently know who the guy with the moustache is. I’ve looked up Meyrick Road and believe this could possibly be Bournemouth:


A low angle shot this time, with the guys all crouching. Emanuel Aminoff on the far left

Greetings from New York – this photo was dedicated to my father from Benn-Zi in November 1948. A large cigar is also part of the mise-en-scene:


Ciao da Milano – Haji Ben on his vespa:

My mum as a young girl on her roller skates, in her hometown Tel Aviv – probably late 1940s:

Here she is again, but all buttoned up, composed and heavily pregnant. Stamford Hill circa 1957:

Holiday fun – some photographic souvenirs. My father on the left:

Below – Matt on the right:

The same British beach setting – I don’t know who these people are but I presume they are family members:

Shorts weather- and left hand drive;  probably the US when my dad was a GI:

Some more pictures of my dad and cars:

I wasn’t sure if this is my father or not, but my cousin says it definitely is, in which case the photo dates from roughly 1929-1930:

Looking a bit like a retro academic:

I like this one even though it’s a bit fuzzy – I identify with the body language and sometimes do the same self-conscious hand gesture:

Circa 1957, my father at the wheel – this looks like a family outing. I can see grandfather and aunt in the car:

Decades later – here’s one I took of my father during his weekly ritual of washing the car. I’ve shown this photograph before in previous posts but felt it was still appropriate to include it in this selection as this ritual involves pride and presentation:

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