Palms of Palma

I’ve recently returned from a restorative summer holiday in Palma, the capital of the Spanish island of Mallorca.

The following images were all taken on the trip and contain representations of palms and leafy elements.

The first two photographs were taken in an old café, C’an Joan de s’Aigo, where the speciality is a delicious traditional pastry called ensaimada. The floor tiles were striking and to me suggest the tops of palm trees seen from above:

Detail of floor tiles:

The image below was taken one evening when I noticed a solitary woman practicing yoga amongst the palm trees:

A man wearing a palm tree patterned shirt sits beneath a tall palm tree:

Street lamp and palm tree shadows:

In the city centre palms fan out from behind a sculpture of a woman’s torso like a tail -feather display:

A curved, graffitied tunnel combined with with a view of palm trees:

Palm leaf graffiti in old Palma:

On our final day it started to rain heavily, perhaps a way of acclimatising us to our impending return to London and the onset of autumn. This was taken through the cab window on the way to the airport:

My raindrop-filled premonition has thankfully been delayed as London is enjoying a mini-heatwave. Though it is set break and thunder tomorrow …

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