Percussion & The Afro Cuban Music Night

Back in May I wrote a blog post highlighting images of dance and movement at the monthly Afro Cuban Music Night in London. I wanted to post some new images featuring musicians and percussion instruments.

This is Richard Sweet on okonkolo, the smallest of the three batà drums used to play traditional Afro Cuban music:

This is a semi-abstract composition featuring hands and batà drums;  I recognise percussionist Hamish Orr in there:

Olga Baglay singing and playing okonkolo:

Will Fry playing clavé:

A couple of Vicky Jassey playing conga:


A series featuring Richard Sweet on conga and Dave Pattman on Cajon:



Dave again on cajon. Gerardo de Armas to his left and Gaspar Sena on clave. On the far right is Ayoze de Alejandro Lopez:

Next a couple of photographs of Cuban percussionist Antonio Urdaneta Castro:


As of September 2018 the Afro Cuban Music Night will take place the first Tuesday of every month at Vogue Fabric Dalston,  66 Stoke Newington Rd, London N16 7XB.  For more information see Bombo Productions.

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