Purim 1984 in Hendon

I’ve been sorting through boxes of old photographs and came across a series of images I took back in 1984 when I was in my 20s. I had decided to revisit my old primary school, Hasmonean on Shirehall Lane, Hendon. It was and still is a small Jewish primary school, established in 1947. My purpose of that visit was to visually document the school’s celebration of Purim, a Jewish festival I have a particular affection for. The festival has aspects that are akin to carnival, with a custom of fancy dress and masquerade.  This year Purim falls on the evening of Saturday 11 March and continues on Sunday 12 March.

I’ve scanned the photographs I found; I probably have the negatives somewhere but that’ll take more time to sort out. Here the pictures from 1984 – the children in these images must now be in their late 30s and early 40s!


For more vintage photographs of this festival and a great family Persian recipe for Holevoh, a traditional Purim dish, please visit my previous Purim post, Purim, Ritual and Ancestry which also includes this photo of me (second from the right) from Hasmonean Primary School from the early 1960s:


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