Recent Reflections

The other day on my way to the 214 bus stop in Kings Cross I noticed a pig in the clouds:

Pig in the Clouds

And today after a trip to the health food shop and garden centre in Kentish Town, this head – half in the clouds and half emblazoned on a building facade:

Head in the Clouds,Highgate Road, Kentish Town

These sightings give me a sense of connection to one of the genres of art history that has resonated with me for decades – that of surrealism. On my way to and from doing mundane chores I can have a sense of affinity with the the like of Magritte and Man Ray!

Mannequin Tree Goddess and Building Construction

Incredible Hulk amidst Union Jacks, Oxford Street

Chinatown Reflections

A couple of photographs from my neighbourhood – part of an ongoing project called Persian Kentish Town:

Reflections on Highgate Road

Looking closely at a Kilim in the window of one of the Nassir rug shop on Highgate Road you can see a passer by and details and signage from the construction site opposite.

Reflections at the Kasra Rug Shop

Further afield – A Parisian window with a homage to artist Marc Chagall reflects the Marais street:

Next, a few shots taken in Catalunya earlier this year:

Street Abstract with Graffiti and Reflections, Girona

Reflections at the Dali Museum, Figueres

Eiffel Bridge Reflected, Girona

Leafy reflections in urban London:

Nature Reflected at The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm

Leafy Shadows on a reclining student, Parliament Hill

Shine and Reflections involving glass and metal:

Reflections on a sports car in Chelsea

Reflections via accessories:

Silhouette of Soho George aka George Skeggs reflected in a crystal ball in a clawed walking cane. Detail from an outfit worn by Brian Stewart during the 2023 Grand Flaneur Walk.

The Eiffel Tower (and myself and the girl’s mum) reflected in a young girl’s mirror shades

Artist Michelle Baharier in Batman shades at the London Colour Walk

The above two images are also variations on the theme of a selfie – I can be seen with my camera in the mirror shades.


Michelle Baharier

Persian Kentish Town

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