rhythm and clapping

Amongst the first words I ever uttered was the Farsi phrase “das das”.  It literally means “hand hand” and was accompanied by repeated simultaneous clapping movements – das das, das das  – an endless source of entertainment and distraction when Bibi, my paternal grandmother who I lived with, played with me in this way. Later on Bibi told me that back in Persia she had played a kind of tambourine, so there was more than a percussive streak running in her veins.

I’ve gathered together some photographs I’ve taken over the least few years of musicians – singers, percussionists and drummers from the Afro-Cuban Scene – in the process of clapping whilst singing.

Below, Dreiser Durruthy Bombalé, teaching at a song and percussion workshop:


Daniela Rosselson De Oshun leading a song at a London Lucumi Choir rehearsal:


Percussionist Collette Boardman:


David Pattman:


Gerardo de Armas singing rumba:

Vicky Jassey in the foreground and Ines Loubet Franco to her left:

Martha Galarraga aka Martica leading a song at the Afro-Cuban Music Night:

Adé Egun Crispin Robinson:




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