Signs: dress code and etiquette

I’ve just returned from a short trip to Venice. One of the photos I took was of this sign, seen outside a parish:

I noticed the sign and misread it at first; I didn’t realise it was advocating a modest dress code policy. I initially saw the X above the guy’s cap as some kind of propellor rather than a “NO FLAT CAP” instruction. I also thought the couple looked quite gender fluid which was also I assume an unintentional connotation from the sign designers.

I started to think about other signs I’d photographed relating to dress codes, behaviour and etiquette. One of the most specific and detailed was the sign below, taken in New Orleans earlier this year:

In Japan I regularly came across the Shoes Strictly Prohibited sign, a custom I really liked and have tried to adopt in my own home.

You are offered plastic slippers if you need to visit the bathroom whilst sightseeing at temples:

A situation I hadn’t come across before was having to take my shoes of before entering a changing room to try on clothes in a fashion boutique, which i experienced in Kobe, Japan.

The sign below was seen at the Savoy Theatre. I actually think it may have hung on a door in the ladies loos. As well as the elegant font, I like the polite instruction, and tend to agree that there’s a time and place for wild dancing and loud singing, both of which I am prone to:

Compare the Savoy Theatre’s polite and empathetic tone to that of the bossy, expletive-filled sign below, seen in New York in May:

2 thoughts on “Signs: dress code and etiquette”

  1. I have enjoyed your dresscode and conduct notes.
    And I especially liked the capture of the sign in NYC, where I was standing right next to you when you took the shot.
    It’s always nice getting to stand next to you, Mish. Can’t wait for a next visit together.

    I must say that I appreciate all of these signs very much. I love happen to love both respecting rules AND breaking them too!
    Stepping into boxes and then breaking out of them. Cultural differences are endlessly fascinating! ♥️

    • Marissa thank you so much! I very much look forward to standing next to you again too. In the meantime I am inspired by your energy and sense of justice. Lots of love xx


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