Signs of Spring so far

Weather-wise It’s been a cold March and miserable, rainy and dull early April. I can hear the wind howl as I write this post.

This was the scene on a waterlogged Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath on April 1st :

The following photograph looks as if it were taken in black and white – it was in fact taken in colour but it was such a grey day:

Parliament Hill is also known as Kite Hill. Next are a series of images of kites and objects tangled up in trees that I photographed on the same day. The brunches are beginning to bud but are still relatively bare:




This building on the border of Parliament Hill Fields and Highgate Road still has a splendid sign on it’s brick wall boasting Beanfeasts: I like the juxtaposition of the building with the tree in full bloom, even though the reflected branches in the windows still seem to evoke winter:

On Highgate Road I took some photos that convey signs of spring but still have a wintry feel:

This next image still has autumnal leaves mixed in with vibrant spring flowers – a kind of seasonal mix

I’ve been gravitating towards capturing signs of spring in more urban situations too; next up are some photos I’ve taken that manifest aspects of spring in the arena of fashion. A woman in a pink coat in Carnaby Street:

Giant spring bulbs – a surreal window change in Regent Street:

Oxford Circus Station, where the advertising extends to the ceiling giving the illusion of an indoor sakura.

A couple of outdoor shots – this memorial tribute of bunched bright daffodils attached symmetrically to both ends of a bench was seen Highgate Woods:

This picture was taken one early evening in Exmouth Market. The little blossoming mini-tree has a beaded thread attached to its base, reminiscent of a wishing tree:

I did manage a grab a couple of hours of sunshine at Kew Gardens two weeks ago. Here are some images from that visit; the difference in the light is striking:


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