Snow and taking indoor activities outdoors!

Like everyone else in North London I woke up to snow this morning – this was the scene outside my kitchen window in the early morning:

The London Lucumi Choir were due to perform at Camden Lock today. Unfortunately due to road and transport chaos the gig eventually had to be cancelled. So the few that managed to attend the pre-gig rehearsal were invited by choir director Daniela Rosselson to sing the last part of the session in the nearby woods In Muswell Hill. It was really fun! Here are the percussionists, Bill Bland on cowbell and Jim Le Messurier on shekere:

Singing and playing outdoors feels really special. It’s interesting to take something that usually occurs in a private enclosed space and experience it in a beautiful, outdoor setting, even more so when the weather is unusual, like today’s sudden snowfall. I was reminded of an occasion back in 2009, when I came across a woman doing yoga on Hampstead Heath. Here she is doing a headstand, using a snowy branch for support:


See my project on The London Lucumi Choir for more behind the scenes pictures of the choir.

The London Lucumi Choir official website


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