The Upsherin Ritual and The New Year for Trees

Most people are familiar with the Jewish new year, Rosh Hashanah, but less commonly known is the festival of Tu B’Shevat – the new year for trees, which takes place on the 15th day of the Hebrew lunar month of Shevat which in 2023 falls at sunset of 5th February till the evening of Monday … Read more

Glass Sculptures and Installations

Yesterday I visited London’s Kew Gardens. I’m a member so I try to pop in on a regular basis and photograph in different seasons and times of day. I went specifically to see the glass sculptures which are interspersed amongst the landscape. The artist is Dale Chihuly, an American born in 1941. The exhibition is … Read more

frizz pics

Yesterday I came across this “before and after” advert promoting a hair procedure to smooth out frizz. The assumption is that the left hand side – the more matt, frizzy, untamed side is undesirable, and the right hand side is the object of desire. Having “embraced” my naturally curly and sometimes wildly frizzy hair (especially … Read more