Januhairy 2021

In recent days whenever I look down at my bare knees I think to myself that these could do with a wax. On the other hand, why bother? It’s January, freezing cold, and we are in Tier 5 lockdown. I then remembered that there’s a campaign called Januhairy which started in 2019. Women are encouraged … Read more

hairy women: moustaches and graffiti

(L.H.O.O.Q by Duchamp -source Wikimedia Commons) Back in 1919, artist Marcel Duchamp re-presented ┬áLeonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa by pencilling-in a moustache and goatee. He placed the initials LHOOQ beneath, which when pronounced sound like “elle a chaud au cul”, literally translated as “she is hot in the ass” apparently suggesting sexual restlessness and “fire … Read more