Wet Frowns, Rainy Day Abstracts & Landscapes

It’s been raining a lot. I’ve gathered some of my favourite recent shots that feature aspects of rainfall.

A few years ago I started documenting representations of gender and expression with a particular focus on frown lines and forehead expression – I called it The Frown Project. In the last couple of weeks I’ve felt inspired to capture a few more ‘found’ forehead expressions including the following two images where the rain has left temporarily left its mark:

Wet Frown: Detail of Gordon Ramsay Restaurant Sign

Billboard Fragment, Kentish Town

Next, some more photographs taken locally in the Kentish Town area that also feature raindrops:

Beauty and Sadness, January 2022

Below a street abstract from my series Persian Kentish Town:

Some more abstracts where raindrops are a dominant motif:

Runway Abstract with Raindrops (1)

Runway Abstract with Raindrops (2)

View from the top of the 88 Bus, Camden Town

Transparent Plastic Bag with Raindrops

In London, following this year’s drought there has been more extreme weather, and the rainfall has been particularly heavy at times. Here’s a series of images where flooded roads have provided the stimulus to capture the scene:

Kew, London, 2023

Abstract puddle, Highgate Wood, Muswell Hill, 2023

Rainy Day in Gospel Oak, December 2022

A ‘Venetian’ Edgware Station, November 2022

Abstract with Double Red Lines, Camden Town, November 2022

On New Year’s Day I came across this guy at the local bus stop wearing a fab colourful waterproof raincoat which he got from a Polish Cultural Centre in London. I’m on the look out for something stylish and totally waterproof for spring so I can ‘hands free” and umbrella-less!

For those of you familiar with my Changing Views project, usually when I photograph the scene from my kitchen window I have the window open so there are no obstructions. However, during a recent heavy rainfall I wanted to see the distortions the rain created on the window pane. Below, an example of the painterly effect:

Rainy View at the kitchen window with passing Tesco Freight Train, December 2022




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