Women’s March on London: signs of solidarity, defiance and creativity

Here are a few pictures I took at yesterday’s Women’s March on London, one of a series of international marches in solidarity with those marching in Washington D.C. for human rights and equality, on the day following Donald Trump’s inauguration as US President.

As I set out for the march on my local bus, this mother and daughter were sitting behind me. They had home-made banners and set the tone for the day, multi-generational, inclusive, child-friendly, creative and expressive!

As the bus approached Oxford Circus I could already see people making their way towards the assembly point, the US embassy in Grosvenor Square. Humour and cultural references employed to convey and voice serious messages:

I got off the bus  in Conduit Street and my “fashion-eye” was immediately drawn to the fabulous rainbow skirt. Turns out that the little girl and her mum were on their way to the march and had dressed up for the special occasion:

There were lots of little girls on the march, many of whom had drawn and coloured in their own banners:

The following pictures were taken In Grosvenor Square and on the march en route to Trafalgar Square:

The personal is STILL political – as expressed on the brown cardboard banner; the atmosphere of inclusivity and goodwill is summed up on the right:

Puns were de rigueur!

This guy admitted his sign was rather wordy!

Some signs were all image and no text, and still managed to convey a clear verbal message:

The march gets going:

And after the march was over I walked through Central London and into Soho. The picture below was taken in Old Compton Street:


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  1. great Mish – looks wonderful. I went to a rally last night on the tayelet opposite U.S embassy – lovely colourful humourous gutsy placards – just so much more good humour and creativity at this demonstration than I have ever seen in any


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