7 Year Anniversary of Changing Views

I’ve been regularly photographing the view from my kitchen window for the past seven years, starting in mid October 2016. I had considered “finishing” the project as it had become rather big; but have found that I’m still inspired and impelled to capture some of the transient seasonal sights which also included some extreme weather. For example, last December there was a day where it rained so hard I actually shot through the glass rather than my usual practice of opening the window. The result was rather painterly:

Distorted Rainy Day View with Passing Tesco Freight Train

Here are a few more from my updated project:

Christmas Day, 2022

Sunset, late June 2023

Rainstorm, July 2023

Golden Autumn, November 2022

Blue skies after the rain, March 2023

Snow, December 2022

See the full project here.

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