Eyes Around Town

Over the years I’ve blogged on the subject of eyes in photography, most recently on the themes of eyeliner and as well as the phenomenon known as eye-bombing. In this piece I’m featuring a series of photographs taken in the last 18 months where the eye has been the source of inspiration. Most of the images were shot in London; I’ve also included a couple of shots from New York and Girona.

Below, a series of abstracts spotted whilst walking the streets both locally and beyond:

Street abstract with sticker, Soho 2023

Torn in Shoreditch, 2023
Profile with Taped Eye, 2023

Torn in New York, 2023

Overlapping Eyes and Graffiti

Stickers in Gospel Oak, 2023

Street Art with additional markings and stickers, NYC, 2023

Graffiti: eyes with long lashes, Girona

Next, a selection of photos featuring a mix of celebrities. Gene Wilder’s doubled eyes always catch my attention when I walk past this creased poster on London’s Great Marlborough Street:

Detail of poster featuring Gene Wilder, Great Marlborough Street

Dylan is watching:

Being followed by Bob Dylan’s eyes peering out from a vinyl record wooden crate

Julian Assange’s eye peeps out from behind the man’s cardi, South Hampstead:

Eyes and Reflections:

Reflections in Islington

Eyes in Long Acre

Eyes in the Clouds, Gospel oak

Parliament Hill Illusion

The following photographs feature the eye motif in personal adornment, accessories, clothing and backdrops.

I was struck by the large eyes tattooed on the neck of the passenger waiting for a train at Tottenham Court Road Tube:

Close up of a Man with Eyes tattooed on his neck

Below, a 19th Century painted Eye Miniature with jewelled tears and surrounded by pearls, Victoria & Albert Museum. The eye was considered to be the window to the soul.

Sequin Evil Eye:

Detail of sequin evil eye on London Lucumi Choir Director Daniela de Armas’s outfit

The following photographs feature members of London’s Colour Walk community:

Portrait of Florent Bidois: the backdrop detail features Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust

Portrait of Maria Fernanda Latif with 3rd Eye

Artist Belinda Nathan wearing an eye accessory on her hat stands alongside street art featuring an eye near Old Street

Fabia Brackenbury’s scarf

Writer Rosie Sandler’s Blinking Eye Bag
Blinking Eye Bag part 2

Rosie’s tights

One of my favourite photographers is the Japanese artist Daido Moriyama whose show is currently on at London’s Photographer’s Gallery. The eye motif is a feature of the exhibition:

Elevator Selfie at Daido Moriyama Exhibition

At the exhibition I couldn’t help admiring a visitor’s coat which featured a Cindy Sherman self-portrait. I also particularly liked the fragmented repetition created when the coat was done up. I was told that the coat was part of a collaboration between the artist and the Japanese brand Undercover.

Cindy Sherman self portrait on coat by Undercover

Detail of Cindy Sherman coat with repeated fragmented eye


London Colour Walk

Florent Bidois

Belinda Nathan

Rosie Sandler

Daido Moriyama Retrospective

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