Abstract Photography: Architecture, Skies & Illusions

The other day I went to The Barbican and walking down a side street near Moorgate I saw the sky and clouds mirrored in a glass-fronted building. Later, on examining the image I also saw a face in the centre of the image, with arched white wispy eyebrows and a round mane of hair framing the heart-shaped face:

I then remembered an abstract photo I’d taken a few years ago involving architecture, cloud imagery and illusion which had a Magritte-like surrealism:


Here’s another one from the same period incorporating sky and illusion:

The photo above also brought to mind  a picture I’d taken earlier this year during the cold snap referred to as The Beast from the East –  looking up at a row of icicles suspended from my balcony:

The next two images concern architecture and abstraction and were taken last year in San Francisco. The photograph below was taken at the top of Coit Tower:

I can’t remember where exactly in San Francisco I saw this geometric mish mash,  but I liked the combination of the illusionistic garden imagery and painted arches bordered in Arabic calligraphy and Moorish tile patterns, together with the colourful modern facades:

And finally a photograph I took last winter in Venice incorporating architecture, sky and serendipity – I looked up in the sky and saw that the puffy circular vapour patterns corresponded to the curved roof tiles on the building in front of me:

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