Surreal Facades: Illusions and Reflections in London’s Streets

I’ve gathered together a series of photographs shot in London in the last few months that have an aspect of surrealism and illusion and that include architectural elements as part of the composition. These are not double exposures or composites but suggest layering despite being single exposure images. To me there’s something a bit Magritte-like … Read more

Reflecting on a Year of the Pandemic at a Time of Renewal

The blossoms are out and the days are getting longer. I’ve been trying to live more in the moment as a way of coping with life under lockdown, and perhaps I’ve been even more tuned in than usual to changes in my immediate environment. In essence it is the notion of Carpe Diem – seizing … Read more

Photographing Icons of Popular Culture – Subjective Takes

A few days ago I was walking in Frith Street in London’s Soho. London is gradually easing out of lockdown and cafes and restaurants are preparing to open on July 4. As I approached a long-time regular haunt, Bar Italia, I saw the door was partially open so I peeped in. They were in the … Read more

Abstract Photography: Architecture, Skies & Illusions

The other day I went to The Barbican and walking down a side street near Moorgate I saw the sky and clouds mirrored in a glass-fronted building. Later, on examining the image I also saw a face in the centre of the image, with arched white wispy eyebrows and a round mane of hair framing … Read more

Japan: tradition and modernity in popular culture

I recently saw an advert on the London Underground from the Japan National Tourism Organisation who have launched a campaign entitled Japan – where tradition meets the future and it reminded me that I’d been meaning for a while to write a post on this very theme. I wanted to examine this theme using images … Read more

Seeing Faces: the phenomenon known as pareidolia

A few days ago I posted a photograph of an illusion – a found face I’d seen in a building facade in the process of demolition – on my Instagram feed, which is comprised exclusively of images taken with my mobile phone.  I also took several versions of the found face with a camera – … Read more

winter abstracts

Here are a couple of new images; playing around with the idea of found decorative patterns both in nature and aspects of architecture together with condensation. I like the layering effect and illusion this creates … In the next image, also taken last week, the patterns in the peeling wood create a natural abstract … there’s … Read more

illusions at night

I was in West Hampstead the other night when I came across what looked the the silhouette of a resting camel; it was in fact a peeling concrete wall … The picture below was taken last week In Leather Lane near Hatton Garden And I was drawn to photograph this crushed can the other night … Read more


Last week I posted an image in “seeing patterns at the V&A” which included a camouflage patterned tree trunk. I thought I’d bring together a few of my other camouflage oriented images! Here’s another abstract from the V&A series: A torn poster abstract which suggests camouflage: Some more images featuring camouflage tree trunks – can you … Read more