Afro Cuban Music Night, April 2016

Back in January I wrote a piece on London’s monthly Afro Cuban Music Night and I thought I would provide an update with some images focussing on a few of the veteran percussionists on this scene.  I first met David Pattman, Hamish Orr and Patrick Cameron back in the 80s when the African and Latin music scene was confined to a few venues such as the Africa Centre, Jenako Arts and the Vortex.

First up are some portraits from the other night.  The first two are of David Pattman and Patrick Cameron.


And a shift in focus:


Below: Hamish Orr


Here are some images with a bit more context that I think convey some of the energy and action of the night:

In the foreground, just seen, is dancer Mario López-Goicoechea leaping into action. Wilmer Sifontes, originally from Venezuela, and Dave are playing cajon, a box-like percussion instrument used in rumba as well as flamenco and Afro-Peruvian music. Wilmer is seen here playing a bespoke two-tiered cajon.

Here’s a shot of Wilmer playing the bespoke cajon at the March 2016 session:

A trio of Bata players featuring Hamish in the foreground. I like the the green lights, to me they convey and suggest some of the electrifying energy…

Below is Williams Cumberbache of Tumbaito, also originally from Venezuela.

The two images below feature Adé Egun Crispin Robinson from previous Afro Cuban nights.  You can also see Damarys Farres dancing, reflected in the mirror:

I love the playful energy in the image below and the way Crispin and Dave are caught in the act of pounding their instruments with their fists!

One of the things I really like about the Afro Cuban music night is that it welcomes and encourages women to play percussion in what is typically quite a macho scene! Here are some shots from the other night.

Olga on bata:

Vicky Jassey, one of the organisers of the night and lead singer, on conga:


And Julie on shekere


For more images of women in percussion see my post Women Who Play Bata

The Afro Cuban Night is currently held the first Tuesday of each month at Tipsy, (under Escudo De Cuba restaurant), 20 Stoke Newington Road, N16 7XN

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