Woman at a dressing table

The images in this post have been selected around the themes of sitting at a dressing table, looking into a mirror and applying makeup. Firstly here are a couple of portraits I took of my mother from a project I did at college in the late 80s: In the next photo I appear in the … Read more

Badges and Identity

I was at the Trump protest in London and took a photograph of a man whose badge made me smile because of the use of the word quite. I tend to use the word quite myself – I was quite upset or quite angry – it’s very tempered, understated and moderate.  I love the British humour … Read more

Afro Cuban Music Night, April 2016

Back in January I wrote a piece on London’s monthly Afro Cuban Music Night and I thought I would provide an update with some images focussing on a few of the veteran percussionists on this scene.  I first met David Pattman, Hamish Orr and Patrick Cameron back in the 80s when the African and Latin music … Read more

Choir people

I’ve been taking pictures of the choir I sing with, The London Lucumi Choir for several years now. Many of these albums are on Facebook, the most comprehensive of which is the album choir people Here’s a new picture of Charlene at yesterday’s rehearsal. Her dress caught my eye, as did the stained glass of the … Read more

Vacuuming the Persian rug on the A1

  People are rarely photographed at work. If we look back at ‘family albums’ the bulk of pictures show personal history in terms of leisure, holidays and special occasions  … In this photo (taken this week) I like the oppositions; the contrast between the tarmac and the environment with the exotic rug, and the slightly … Read more

Some portraits from New Orleans

Here’s a picture of a waitress taking a break at Café du Monde: And here’s the barman at a fab restaurant called Kingfish. In addition to the background bottles I like the juxtaposition with the TV monitor and the text caught on screen from a retro TCM film. As opposed to the previous pictures which … Read more