I was walking in St.James’s Park one evening this week .. the light was fading and like everyone else around me I took some pictures of the cherry blossom. One of the images I like best is the one below which I took with my phone. I’ve fiddled with the clarity so that it looks more like an impressionist painting:


Here’s a selfie I took last month in a Tel Aviv cafe loo which was decorated with electric sakura lights:


8 years ago I went with my younger son to Japan to see the sakura (cherry blossom) and here a few pics from then:






In the image above, people have taken off their shoes to sit, drink and eat under the cherry blossom trees. I like the extreme contrast of shoes according to gender, with the pink and silver pointy-toed shoes almost an extension of the feminine sakura …

Here’s another one taken near Warwick Avenue, London:


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