Representations of Gender, Age and Identity in Graffiti and Illustration

I love this stencil graffiti I saw years ago in Venice. I assume the figure on the left is male and adult, running (and leading?) the figure on the right, who I assume to be female … mainly because of a triangle at the side of her head which suggests long hair and a trapezoid shape to her right which I read as a handbag:



The above image was taken recently in a Tel Aviv shdera or boulevard. I like the effects of heat and sunlight on the sign and heart graffiti. Adult and child, parent/carer and child … the gesture and size difference connote the relationship. The picture below (taken in Paris) is seems to suggest a nuclear family: daughter, mother, father and son.


A black silhouette with no detail but I read this is as a cherubic young child:


The addition of text helps anchor the meaning. The Hebrew text below says ‘don’t ruin his neighbourhood’.


Here’s a picture of a daughter-in-law from a Bolivian Aymaran language instruction booklet:


And finally – another one of my favourites – an illustration of a bride from a colloquial Arabic language manual:




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