George Michael: George’s Garden in Autumn

I walked through Highgate the other day and spent some time in the memorial garden for the late George Michael who died on December 25 of last year. The garden is in the small green bordering his home on The Grove.

Here are some photographs I took at George’s Garden, which is lovingly tended by volunteers. They were busy sweeping and clearing up fallen leaves when I went there. I chatted with one of the women who was tidying and cleaning. I said I liked seeing the effect of the seasons and how the tributes merged with nature; she understood and agreed to a certain extent.  I also empathise with the need to care and keep up the garden as a sign of respect so it does not appear neglected.



Greek icons:


Looking up as well as down:



Seasonal additions such as hand-painted conkers have appeared:

Nature at work:


Close up of George’s Star in autumn:

Cleaning lanterns and sweeping up:

The volunteers sweep up massive bags full of leaves – a little angel peeps out :


The tributes were originally outside his home and on his car – here are just a few of the pictures I took with my phone in early January, nine months ago:

The elements leave their mark: raindrops form on this early tribute:





2 thoughts on “George Michael: George’s Garden in Autumn”

  1. Beautiful photos. I often pass by and it’s always well maintained and cared for day and night. It’s touching although slightly strange. Will it last? The shrine for Amy Winehouse in Camden Square is long gone

    • Thank you – yes I found it very moving. I hope it will last, it feels like an institution – a modern mini-extension to Highgate Cemetery


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