Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair

I have been taking my time writing this post as it has been proving to be more complex than I thought. Originally it was a supposed go be a companion post to Gotta Photograph that hat! and to a future post focussing on head wraps and scarves. In many ways it still is; I just found … Read more

Life in Death: Emerging from Winter to Encounters with Buds & Florals

The other Thursday the weather was crisp and dry so I decided to seize the day and pop into Kew Gardens.  Here are a series of pictures I took of buds against the dappled light; I think they are pussy willows:     Here’s a landscape format version where the diagonals suggest to me a … Read more

George Michael: George’s Garden in Autumn

I walked through Highgate the other day and spent some time in the memorial garden for the late George Michael who died on December 25 of last year. The garden is in the small green bordering his home on The Grove. Here are some photographs I took at George’s Garden, which is lovingly tended by … Read more

The Darling Buds of … March

Here are a few pictures I took this week at Kew Gardens. It was a very cold but very bright day. The magnolia trees were particularly striking to me and in various stages of flowering. I like the long fuchsia and purple buds:   There were pretty trees in full bloom. I think I must … Read more

Beauty & Sadness: a rainy day in London

A few months ago I read the book Beauty and Sadness by the Japanese author Yasunari Kawabata. The title came to mind again when I was thinking about the essence of the following images. I took these photographs the other day, gravitating towards beauty and nature in a week where the news has been very depressing; full … Read more

couples …

    I took the image of the flowers yesterday as I was walking to Muswell Hill; they suggested a couple; connected and close. I was reminded of a photo I took years ago of another colourful couple; a graffiti stencil of a couple rushing together. I’ve always liked this stencil – I imagine them … Read more

Beauty all around

Yesterday I noticed the plant on a window sill in a communal hallway was oozing moisture … so pretty! I’ve been craving peace and beauty recently so went to one of my favourite places, the Victoria and Albert Museum. Here are some pictures of flowers I took at their John Madejski Garden the other day: … Read more