Graffiti and (multilingual) exclamations of love

This time last year I wrote a Valentine’s Day themed piece on Seeing hearts everywhere  illustrated with a variety of images that either contain or suggest the heart motif. This post is about graffiti and exclamations and expressions of love, and features  a selection of digital photographs I’ve taken from 2005 to the present.

Back in 2004 Lin professed her love of Sean in a cactus plant in Sorrento, Italy:

The photograph below was also taken in Sorrento, the Italian words for I love you are chalked onto a wall  panel of a national energy supplier:

More from Italy from over the years: “My love, I love you, by Sara”

Jessica loves Egidio too much!

The following two pictures were taken last autumn in Terracina, a couple of hours drove from Rome:

And the following more understated TI AMO was taken in Rome last Autumn:

Despite all this vociferous evidence, Italy does not have the exclusive monopoly on graffitied expressions of love.

The following picture was taken in Havana, Cuba in 2009:

This marriage proposal is written in Hebrew and English, seen in Camden Lock last spring. The Hebrew text includes the term of affection kaparah, which oddly can also be translated as “atonement”:

Some more from London – although the image below taken in London in 2009, the graffiti itself dates from a vintage 1980:

Here’s a more contemporary, music-oriented example of love graffiti:

On the subject of music, I saw this graffiti on the boarded up doors of The Buffalo Bar, a great little club with eclectic nights and where I danced salsa for many years, but is no more …

Another expression of longing:

And a couple of rather understated expressions of affection – no TROPPO here!

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