The Be Mighty Project

I’ve recently returned from a trip to the USA and spent a few days in New York at the beginning of my trip. There was a heatwave on and I loved walking around the streets of Manhattan snapping visuals that caught my eye. One of the recurrent themes in the area I was staying in, … Read more

Handwriting and Nostalgia

Yesterday I was buying some art supplies and somehow got into a conversation with the store assistant (or possible manager) about the lost art of handwriting and calligraphy. I was saying that my handwriting is now pretty illegible, and has been so for at least a couple of decades, even though I stillI handwrite on … Read more

Venice Carnival Part 2: Coriandoli, abstracts and fleeting moments

The first part of my tribute to this year’s Venice Carnival concentrated on images of masquerade and fancy dress. In this second part I focus on found street abstracts featuring coriandoli, Italian for confetti, a traditional decorative feature of the Venetian carnival. The pavements and squares are strewn with it. Here’s a picture of my … Read more

Graffiti and (multilingual) exclamations of love

This time last year I wrote a Valentine’s Day themed piece on Seeing hearts everywhere  illustrated with a variety of images that either contain or suggest the heart motif. This post is about graffiti and exclamations and expressions of love, and features  a selection of digital photographs I’ve taken from 2005 to the present. Back in 2004 … Read more


This week I’ve been thinking a lot about warning signs and particularly signs of danger and our relationship to these signs. Which signs do I notice or pay attention to?  This has come about for a couple of reasons. A few days ago a good friend remarked she was surprised that I didn’t include any … Read more

Some portraits from New Orleans

Here’s a picture of a waitress taking a break at Café du Monde: And here’s the barman at a fab restaurant called Kingfish. In addition to the background bottles I like the juxtaposition with the TV monitor and the text caught on screen from a retro TCM film. As opposed to the previous pictures which … Read more

naming and shaming versus anonymity in graffiti

Last week I came across this angry graffiti, very publicly placed in Muswell Hill: I can’t remember where I took the next picture, but I am still amused by the juxtaposition of evil and cheese-eating: Here’s another example of graffiti that points the finger at someone; but this time the identity and gender of the … Read more

Graffiti and “chochmah”

I’m off to a gig in Mornington Crescent this evening. Last year I came across this graffiti on the way to Mornington Crescent just off Camden High Street; to me it sums up a type of jokey witticism that is manifested in the Yiddish “Chochmah”, derived from the Hebrew for wisdom. This is chochmah NW1 … Read more

your mum

Saw this graffiti in Soho a few months ago … I’ve cropped it square so it could make an ‘alternative’ mother’s day cd album cover,  rather than the usual pink florals and cuddly toy imagery! It’s a day late … well, better late than never.