Highgate Cemetery in late autumn

A few days ago I decided to visit Highgate Cemetery. It had been a glorious day and parts of the cemetery were still illuminated by the late afternoon sun.

Here are some of the photographs I took at the East Cemetery:

I like the way the ivy encircled this sunlit stone figure and the fusion of nature and sculpture:

A noseless, winged angel …

I particularly like this angel and the pretty pastel background:

Side view of an angel with sunlit belly:

Crucifix with angel and ivy:

The next few images all feature crucifixes decorated with floral motifs:


This rose-adorned crucifix also has ivy growing on it:

More nature at Highgate Cemetery – sunlit red berries:

Stone memorial wrapped in ivy accompanied by single rose:

Detail of the towering bronze head of Karl Marx, who is buried at the East Cemetery:



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