Jubilee Imagery – A Subjective Take

In this post I’ve gathered together a selection of photographs that reference two jubilees; the current Platinum Jubilee, which marks 70 years of Queen Elizabeth’s accession to the throne as well as her Diamond Jubilee of 2012. All the images were shot in London with the exception of one example of graffiti witnessed in Brighton.

Starting with a few images from the Kentish Town and Camden areas of North London, the first group of photos include random sightings of the queen via paper masks and cardboard cut outs. I like the surreal, humorous and illusionistic qualities of these encounters:

Pub Window, Camden 2022
John from Tips N Toes, on a cigarette break, Kentish Town 2022
Window Appearance, Kentish Town, 2022

Below, some Jubilee reflections in Central London:

Cut Out Silhouette and Reflections, St. James, 2022

Gangsta Queen? South Molton Street Jubilee Illusion, 2022

Next, a series of windows and architectural facades featuring representations of a youthful queen:

Estate Agents window, Camden, 2022
Street Art, Holborn, 2012 by Mr. Brainwash
Kentish Town Library window and reflections, 2022

Window display, Jermyn Street Arcade, 2022

The window display in the above photograph has combined disparate icons of Britishness; royalty, nationalism denoted by the Union Jack flag, and trademark culinary items such as Marmite, English mustard and ketchup.

In the following images the Union jack flag is an integral part of the mise-en-scène:

Window, Portobello Road, 2012

Jubilee in Chinatown, 2022

Bar Italia, Soho, June 2022
Reflections of East Finchley in a Union Jack Mirror, 2012
A couple attending The Grand Flaneur Walk. Flags are suspended across Jermyn Street, May 2022
Notting Hill 2012. View through the colourful gauze mesh of a carnival float, revealing a silhouette of a man, a Union Jack flag and apartment facades.
Big Issue seller covered by Union Jack Umbrellas, Kings Road 2022
Street Party, Mayfair 2022
Wholefoods Jubilee Tea Time suggestion, Camden 2022
Household Rubbish in Camden, 2022
Naked Bike Ride, Regents Park, June 2022

Below, a series depicting the Union Jack and other jubilee references in fashion and costume:

Union Jack Handbag and Champagne Time, Mayfair, 2022
DIY Union Jack manicure, Portobello Road 2012

Hen Night, Liverpool Street Station, 2022
Lingerie Mannequin, Soho 2012
Selfie – in Spice Girl Union Jack dress at Jac’s Jubilee-themed party, 2022
Red, White & Blue outfit with sequins, feathers and pearls, Mayfair 2022
Casual Picnic with Fancy Hat, 2022

In the above photograph I like the way the family is very relaxed and casual, yet the woman on the left with her hand in the bag of crisps has donned a fancy blue hat as a homage to the Queen.

Next, a couple of examples of anti-Jubilee graffiti:

The Queen is a ****, East London, 2022
Anti Jubilee graffiti seen in Brighton, 2012

Finally, two photographs combining the themes of dance and royalty. Below my friend Jac celebrating her birthday punk style, in a Vivienne Westwood inspired outfit referencing the Sex Pistols classic, God Save the Queen:

Jac on her 66th birthday dancing in punk-inspired Jubilee outfit, July 2022

Jubilee tourist souvenirs and a pun on an Abba anthem:

Tourists checking out a Dancing Queen souvenir, 2022

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