London in Lockdown Part 1: Street Abstracts in Kentish Town

The London Lockdown was announced on March 23, 2020. Since the initial lockdown and the recent easing of restrictions I’ve continued to take photographs both at home and on my walks. I’ve amassed quite a few so have decided to separate my lockdown images into themes; the first of which is street abstracts in Kentish Town.

Below a street abstract featuring a sign for a nail manicure, taken outside a local beauty salon. I like the way the very glamorous diamanté encrusted coffin nails appear to be imprisoned behind bars:

Locksmith facade and reflections:

A sign outside the Ladies & Gents dive bar referencing Boris Johnson’s updated ‘stay alert’ lockdown advice, given in his speech earlier in May 2020:

A drinking water fountain outside the Kentish Town tube station is a relatively new addition to the landscape; however now covered up due to coronavirus health and safety issues it reminds me of a minimalist abstract monument:

Next, two illusionistic abstracts taken near a couple of the Persian carpet and Oriental rug shops on Highgate Road. Below, a sign on the metal shutters is combined reflections and the geometric grille:

The illusion of rug-covered church spires in lockdown:

And finally a variation on a lockdown selfie – my leg combined with the view from my balcony:

For more images featuring the rug shops on Highgate Road, see my project Persian Kentish Town

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