London in Lockdown Part 2: Street Abstracts and Facades in the West End

In this second part of my photo series on London in lockdown I focus on images taken in the West End. The photographs were taken during April and May 2020.

Firstly a series of photos where the graphic lines of metals grilles and shutters, as well as being factual and symbolic aspects of lockdown, interplay with other elements in the shot.

Abstraction at Bond Street:

The corner of Brewer Street and Wardour Street, May 2020:

Covent Garden Station:

Below, a couple of images taken in St. Anne’s Court, Soho:

Composition with metal grille featuring reflected street art by Art Carver:

A bit of lockdown nationalism in Mayfair:

This next section includes representations of bare shop window displays that emphasise graphic or surreal qualities.

Empty shelves and display stands on Carnaby Street:

Abstract facade with empty display stand and reflected sky in Covent Garden:

Illusionistic facades during lockdown – firstly an image taken recently in Oxford Street at the Flannels flagship boutique, which currently has a series of illuminated artworks screening on its facade. I like the combination with the reflections, especially the leaves which suggests a masked tree goddess. If anyone knows the name of the artist who created the masked face, please let me know so I can credit them.

Illusion in Piccadilly:

An abstract illusion at a locked construction site:

Places are beginning to reopen as the lockdown eases. In this final image, social distancing markings set out for queuing for takeaway pizza contribute to a colourful street abstract. Soho, May 28, 2020:

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