London in Lockdown Part 4 : Outdoor Practice

Back in March 2020 in the early days of the London lockdown I posted a blog about exercising and dancing in one’s home environment.

Increasingly I’ve noticed people are taking to the outdoors for all sorts of activities, not just physical exercise. At the onset of the lockdown joggers dominated the paths; but jogging is something that is performed exclusively outdoors. I’m particularly interested in activities that prior to the lockdown were practiced indoors. In this post I’ll be showing some of the photographs I’ve taken since late April 2020 on theme of outdoor practice, not just limited to physical activity/wellbeing. As I write, gyms, yoga studios and swimming pools are still closed to the public. Below a photo of Parliament Hill Lido on a beautiful day during lockdown:

In Parliament Hill, a solitary woman seated in a Lotus position with a view of the City of London. This is in sharp contrast to my local studio in Camden where before the lockdown the classes were so full the yoga mats on the wooden floors were practically touching :

Next a series of images taken in Parliament Hill .

First up, boxing training with personal trainer:

A woman using a resistance band under the guidance of a personal trainer:

A man exercising with a skipping rope whilst looking after his sleeping baby:

I spoke to man below who was practicing a song in a language I couldn’t detect. The guitarist, an Italian called NicolĂ , was in fact singing Amazonian songs:

I spotted this woman doing a shoulder stand on my way to doing some socially distanced Tai Chi on the Heath:

Practicing socially distanced Tai Chi and qigong, organised by Metta Tai Chi:

A glamorous, advanced tai chi practitioner in the bandstand:

A more recent image from the other week

Next a few photographs in a more urban setting. A musician practices outside her apartment on the roof window ledge:

A jogger stretching mid pavement in Kentish Town:

An artist sketches on a quiet Portobello Road:

Painting a self-portrait on my balcony in the early days of lockdown:

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