Oriental carpets and identity

I have been adding text and photos to my ongoing project entitled Persian Kentish Town which is a personal take on street photography highlighting the decorative facades, pavements, reflections and illusions of Highgate Road in Kentish Town. The photographs in the project all include oriental carpet imagery. I’ve supplied some background information as to what I understand to be inspiring my perspective, including a couple of scanned photographs.

Here’s a self portrait I took back in college – part of a series all taken against a background of an old Persian carpet:


And this is a photograph from the 1950s that I found in my father’s collection. It’s of my late cousin Jonathan, playing with his cat in his back garden. He is seated on an antique Persian rug; an item we normally consider to be a precious indoor furnishing, but used as casually as one would a beach towel:

Below are a couple of examples of new images in the Persian Kentish Town Project:


Click here to see the full project.

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