Seeing Via Wing & Rear View Mirrors

Yesterday on my way home I saw a leafy tree reflected in a scooter’s wing mirror.  I liked the surreal, abstract quality of this image of my neighbourhood street so I stopped to try and capture what I saw with my iPhone:

I started recalling other images I’d taken involving vehicle mirrors and remembered a series of shots featuring my son Dan in a taxi in Havana from our trip to Cuba with The London Lucumi Choir back in 2008:

The next image is an abstract featuring reflected Parisian architecture, the facades appear upside down:

Next up are some photos I’ve taken in Italy combining nature and abstraction. The first two images were taken near Ravello. In the photograph below, fuchsia bougainvillea is framed in the mirror

The next photograph plays with scale, combining the greens of rubber plant leaves and reflected views in the distance:

The following image was taken in Puglia via the wing mirror of a 3 wheeled Piaggio Ape Calessino; I like the circular framed neutral-toned abstract with its cactus surround:

Here’s one from Rome with its earthy facades:

And finally an image involving the rear view mirrors of an Egged public transport bus approaching Jerusalem. You can see the driver – several times. The Hebrew text on the display translates as THE NEXT STATION JERUSALEM CENTRAL STATION:


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