palm trees: unseasonal representations

I was looking through my photos of a California road trip taken earlier this year and came across this image of a lifeguard hut on Santa Barbara beach:

I started thinking about other palm tree imagery I’ve photographed; not in saturated Ibizan sunsets but palm trees in more monochromatic settings. I looked back through my catalogues and found this Calais beach hut with its palm tree decorative motif:

The following two photos were taken following a storm in Terracina, a seaside city in the province of Latina outside Rome:


This attraction to unseasonal palm trees extends to my fashion sense. These are my flip flops;  I thought they would be a practical buy as they would satisfy my penchant for tropical motifs but also be wearable in urban environments on warm and dull days.


I even bought this book for its illustrations. The book is The Invention of Morel by Casares and is illustrated by Norah Borges;  I’m coincidentally wearing a Bimba y Lola winter skirt which features a tropical jungle print:

I’m consistently drawn to palm trees. Here are some net curtains I spotted a few weeks ago in Lecce, southern Italy:

The next images feature unseasonal palm tree imagery with a more surreal feel – here are a couple I took Miami:




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