street abstracts and vehicles

A friend of mine posted an Instagram picture today of a supermarket delivery van decorated with artwork created by a child and it reminded me that over the years I’ve been photographing vehicles with designs and settings that have caught my eye. Here are a few of them.

A highly decorated London supermarket delivery van with artwork referencing the 1967 Beatles album Sgt. Pepper against stark brickwork. I believe this design is by cyclist Jess Varnish:

The bus below was seen passing the Diaspora Museum in San Francisco in June of this year, the psychedelic style advert celebrating  50 years of the Summer of Love; more 1967-inspired imagery:

Seen in New York:

Sometimes the background is more decorative than the vehicle, such as in this picture of an ambulance parked in front of a Brooklyn mural:

I like the combination of the zebra crossing and the truck signage seen in Tokyo:

And this cheerful red lager delivery truck with its humorous play on words on a bleak day in Kentish Town:

And a couple of trams from Italy; the photograph below was taken in Rome:

This pretty No.13 tram in Turin offering a glimpse of the city through its window:

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