Recent Reflections

The other day I popped into Kew Gardens. Admiring one of Mark Quinn’s nature-inspired sculptures, I took a selfie at a moment when the half term crowds were not in the frame, and the reflected landscape had a flowing, painterly quality.

In addition to the instant painting, which appeals to the lazy/ time-efficient artist in me, depending on one’s perspective, I also like the way my body and trousers are distorted to form a kind of cropped hieroglyph.

Below, another selfie taken earlier in the year in Soho featuring surreal vertical footprints:

I’ve selected a number of images taken so far in 2024 that include some form of reflection. The following photographs have building facades as part of the mix:

Filmic Reflections, Earlham Street

Dreaming of Saxophones

Brass Hand Illusion

The image below features a section of musical score from the Brazilian film Bicho de Sete Cabecas. Shadows are cast on Gui Tavares’ hand, musician and director of vocal group Nossa Voz, who I’ve been singing with since 2024:

In the next image, the guitarist from the band Amaraterra is juxtaposed with fairy lights and a reflected Kenneth Town:

Above, another recent reflection from Kentish Town (see my Persian Kentish Town Gallery)

Here’s Looking at You, Kid / It’s All Happening on Oxford Street

Abstract Landscape After the Rain, Covent Garden

Chequered London Cityscape

Mannequin Illusion

Red and Yellow in Soho

Next, a couple of reflections taken at bus stops and on trains:

A few shots taken at Bar Italia, Soho:


Top Hat, Cane and Michelangelo

Saturday Night Fever, Little Italy

Below, a dapper dude seen at the 2024 Grand Flaneur Walk. Also an opportunity for a selfie in his mirror shades:

My husband Stephen before setting off for a ride in Girona, Catalunya, Spain in April 2024. You can seen bike wheels reflected in his shades. Unfortunately this ride resulted in a serious accident which he is now recovering well from.

More reflections from Catalunya:

Artichokes in Barcelona

Lego in Gaudi’s Barcelona

Eiffel Bridge and Reflections, Onyar River, Girona

Tapas Bar Abstract, Girona

Above, taken during a spring festival performance in Girona a brass band musician is reflected in his instrument.

Three images that include mirror reflections. Firstly a street abstract with torn posters and reflected nature in a scooter mirror:

Street Abstract with Scooter Mirror Reflection

Maur Valance in the Mirror, Kings Cross

Above, at the Design Museum during their exhibition Rebel: 30 Years of London Fashion, a visitor sits at a recreated backstage make-up booth with interactive augmented reality mirrors.

And finally one from yesterday – on a visit to Granary Square in Kings Cross, a view of the Regent’s Canal with reflected footbridge and clouds.

Regent’s Canal, Kings Cross

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