Roses in the city

This blog is devoted to the representation of roses. I’ve encountered roses in a variety of ways in the last few months; these images encompass different genres including documentary, fashion, still life, travel and street photography.

Barcelona: Architecture decorated with large fabric roses in anticipation of the Sant Jordi Festival, April 2024

Last year I wrote a piece about the Sant Jordi Festival in Girona, a Catalan St. George’s Day celebration where books and red roses are traditionally handed out to loved ones. In April 2024 I revisited Girona via Barcelona with my husband who was out there for a cycling trip. We were due to return to London on the actual day of the festival. However, a serious cycling accident (his second in 12 months) meant that Stephen was hospitalised in Girona for several days before and after the festival. Initially he was in intensive care but was moved to a trauma ward after a couple of days.

Stephen receiving a Sant Jordi red rose from me in the trauma ward

The following photographs were taken at the Josep Trueta Hospital in Girona:

Medical Students selling roses outside the Josep Trueta hospital during the Sant Jordi Festival

Passing security on Sant Jordi day

Doctors’ feet and symbolic Sant Jordi foyer display at Josep Trueta Hospital

Red rose in pulp urinal

On my daily walks to and from the hospital I encountered walkers carrying the long stemmed red rose:

Elsewhere in Girona during Sant Jordi:

Books and Roses

Strolling with red roses was ubiquitous; not exclusive to Catholicism

Multi Generational celebration

Market Stall
Hanging out on the bridge

I had been feeling extremely anxious, lonely and sorry for myself when the woman in the coffee shop I’d been visiting handed out tiny red roses to the customers. I thought it was a lovely gesture and took a partial selfie as a souvenir:

The last few months have been challenging and on returning to London I found myself finding solace and relaxation in the beauty and aromas of the Queen Mary Rose Gardens in London’s Regents Park.

Woman visiting Queen Mary’s Rose Garden – her name happened to be Rosie

Sleeping amongst the roses

I revisited the park a couple of weeks later and it was pouring with rain:

Sheltering from the rain

Just after the rain

Vibrant roses after the rain
Matching hair to the appropriately named Rock & Roll rose.

Next, a series of images on the theme of roses and personal style where the iconic flower is recreated in either fabric of print form.

Sinead Brid who also creates flower crowns and headdresses caught relaxing after a London Colour Walk

James from the London Bookbarge Word on the Water wearing a hat accessorised with a white rose

Writer and Co-founder of the Advantages of Age, Rose Rouse, snapped from behind at a recent Word on the Water poetry reading

Baby in decorative rose-patterned turban, Hyde Park

Marisa Mendez at the London Colour Walk, March 2024

At Kings Cross, woman in rose petal heart-shaped bodice

Creative outfit featuring vintage rose print fabric. The designer is seated on steps by Central St.Martins, an arts university in Granary Square
An appropriate rose patterned umbrella at a wet Bloomsbury in Bloom, May 2024

Family outing to London’s Day of the Dead Celebration

George Skeggs aka Soho George at the 2024 Grand Flaneur Walk in stylish monochrome with white rose lapel pin

Finally a couple of shots from Essaouira in Morocco where Stephen and I just visited for a music festival. More on Essaiouria to follow!

Cafe table with sleeping cat and roses, Essaouira

Roses at Villa Maroc in Essaouira

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