Fashion and Individuality

I like to think that my style is authentic and individual to me, yet I know I probably also fit into a certain algorithm, targeted at mature women artists like myself who are into fashion and who also express themselves though the way they look. It made me laugh when Lily Tomlin’s character in the … Read more

Photographs inspired by earrings

I’ve always loved earrings. I feel like I’ve forgotten something if I go out without earrings, as if I’m not fully dressed, so tend to wear some form of ear embellishment every day even if it is just tiny studs. I was only allowed to pierce my ears when I was well into my teens … Read more

On Reading

In my last post on the Venice Carnival I included a photograph I’d taken of a masked man in a bookshop perusing a book on the Hebrew language. This got me thinking about other images I’ve taken of people reading as well as the representation of books and reading matter in family photographs in my … Read more

Gotta photograph that hat!

A few days ago I went for a walk to Swains Lane in Highgate to take take some pictures and try out my new camera lens. It was a lovely autumnal day. On the way back I saw  a woman leaning against a tree waiting for the bus. Her hat caught my eye, a warm … Read more

Omara Portuondo and senior glamour

Years ago – probably the late 1990s I was working at the BBC and I caught sight of Omara Portundo in the ladies loos at Bush House. I asked if I could take her picture and she kindly obliged. Her grace, glamour and style are evident – almost a surreal juxtaposition with the utilitarian, dull … Read more

Style: men’s fashion and originality

Here are some pictures of José that I took yesterday in London when I bumped into him at an outdoor dance event. I’ve seen José around the British salsa scene for decades; like me he is a veteran salsero! Originally from Sierra Leone but London based, he is always impeccably dressed. He designs his own … Read more