Gotta photograph that hat!

A few days ago I went for a walk to Swains Lane in Highgate to take take some pictures and try out my new camera lens. It was a lovely autumnal day. On the way back I saw  a woman leaning against a tree waiting for the bus. Her hat caught my eye, a warm … Read more

Bibi in her hats

I was searching through my photo catalogues just now for a particular image using the keyword “hat” when I came across this image of my late paternal grandmother, known to her grandchildren simply as BIBI (traditionally Farsi for lady, but in our community used for grandmother). I’d forgotten about this image, which I’d taken back … Read more

Purim & Fancy dress photos from my archives

Today is the Jewish festival of Purim which has origins in Persia. I always liked this festival as it is traditionally celebrated by dressing up and eating special foods. Plus my grandparents were all Persian Jews so there was an added connection. In the first photo I am (second from the right) dressed up as … Read more