Fish in the City

Last week I was in New York for a few days staying on the Lower East Side. The weather was quite unsettled – muggy and rainy.  One grey morning I saw a guy walking towards me in sandals and socks. These were not the frowned-upon socks and sandals combination formerly attributed to unstylish men with … Read more

Ghostly mannequins

I took some pictures in Camden recently of reflected facades and shadowy figures which were actually mannequins, though I like the ambiguity of not quite knowing whether the shadows are of humans or not: I started thinking about another image I’d taken in New York, a  store in the process of being decorated had mannequins in … Read more

Graffiti and “chochmah”

I’m off to a gig in Mornington Crescent this evening. Last year I came across this graffiti on the way to Mornington Crescent just off Camden High Street; to me it sums up a type of jokey witticism that is manifested in the Yiddish “Chochmah”, derived from the Hebrew for wisdom. This is chochmah NW1 … Read more